The Drape Story……

Hey peeps, when occasions are round the corners and ethnic, but not too heavy?  I always face a biased situation during occasions or family functions, a pretty dress or some beautiful ethnic wear.  My mother always emphasizes on wearing something ethnic but I never fit in!  when it comes to ethnic wear our choices never match, lol... I … Continue reading The Drape Story……

Tropical vibes with oriflame!

Hey peeps, As I promised, I am back with the details about the product which flashed in my stories of Instagram before. Oriflame Sweden  "Love Nature" range of facial kit for Normal to Dry skin in the Tropical Fruits flavour...yummy !....haha So here's the thing, first, I will give you all the details of the product and … Continue reading Tropical vibes with oriflame!

Bushels of fun!

Winter has come  snowing and blowing up  bushels of fun now the jingle hop has begun..... Christmas is almost here!!!!!!!  I was waiting for this month so eagerly. December is my love as it is full of celebrations, happiness, college fests, pravah and the favorite part is Christmas!! Only those can hear the jingles who believe! In … Continue reading Bushels of fun!

Rock on !!

  Sun getting hot …right? Then,... Let's  get hotter and slay this summer !! Greetings , So glad to come back after a long break.  It feels great to be back. Actually, I couldn't save time for blog due to exams ..... Ohh by the way, what's up ?...yes, yes .. I  get it   … … Continue reading Rock on !!